Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Osaka Shoptripping 07: ❤ for Grocery Shopping

as you would have heard

convenience store in Japan is

pretty awesome

grocery shopping at convenience storegrocery shopping at convenience store


yeah there’s one at

almost every corner of the road

corner store?


and our grocery shopping got upgraded

to the next level since

there’s a 24-hour supermarket

“foodium” across the road

foodium, Shinsaibashi


we were here almost everyday

buying ingredients for breakfast

or ready-to-eat sushi / bento sets

foodium, Shinsaibashifoodium, Shinsaibashi


day # 1

after a trip to 7-11 and Family Mart

all instant food


day #2 onwards

after we discovered “foodium”



stay tune for the next post

on what we do with these stuff

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