Sunday, December 4, 2016

November X Ups & Downs: Not Bad After All

It was a month of ups & downs

as mentioned in the previous post

have lost a source of large volume projects

for real for long term basis

due to failed price negotiation


that puts a frown to

kick start to November with


yet it wasn’t that bad after all

as my sales in October picked up

ever since the trough i was trapped in

for the past quarter


and due to the same reason

the mid annual target

has been achieved by end of October

and all i need is to work a bit harder

to hit the max annual target


- min annual target – to make end’s meet

- mid annual  target – an ideal income level

- max annual target – the best it can be


the stress level is greatly reduced

as i headed off for a one week break

to kick start November with


the first piece of work was

a write-up on African safari tour

during my island vacation


the supposedly second piece of work

came in on a Saturday morning

i spent 2 hours doing quotation

as the translation was all over the place

yet didn’t manage to secure the project


as mentioned earlier on top

you can’t capture a bird which

has already flown out of the cage


that gave me a work-free weekend

and some rest before I

officially kick start November


the forecast was negative as

the large volume source has been lost

the sales on the first week was literally nil

and picking up really slow on the 2nd week



it took a turn during the second half

as i managed to secure a large volume task

during the middle of the month


1 week plus of hard work with proper timeline

did pay well as the task contributed to

50% of my monthly sales


and these are completed

under a well-arranged schedule of

starting as early as 4 AM and

strictly no work after 5 PM

with occasional nap if required

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