Monday, December 26, 2016

Osaka Shoptripping 06: Tax-Free Shopping

from my previous post about

tax-free shopping at GU


one good thing about

tax refund in Japan

they can do it on the spot

as long as you have a passport


10k is usually the

minimum amount of purchase

to qualify for tax-free shopping


the same goes to shopping at

health & beauty stores

and certain stores in outlet malls


however certain lux brands

have a higher minimum amount

but of course

there’s no way that

you will not qualify for it


as long as you are buying a

standard item such as a bag

from a lux outlet


look out for this sign or

confirm with the staff

because certain stores are not tax-free

this is a sign board

i “borrowed” from Bershka

Japan tax-free shop


do take note that

certain store has different policies

as to tax-free and non tax-free items

e.g. in a cosmed store

snacks and beverages are not tax-free

since you gonna eat/drink it anyway


yet in a tourist souvenir store

food are tax-free but

and non-food souvenirs are not

the Halloween snack box is tax-free

but the rest are not and

I don’t get why

Tax-free vs Non-tax-free


I actually didn’t manage to enter

were rushing to find Disney store

Bershka @ Shinsaibashi


to find that…

at 8:50 PM

Disney store @ Shinsaibashi


tax-free or not?

another borrowed picture

basically the price on top

the pre-tax price is the one on top

and the one below is of course..

Lotte X Moomin XYLITOL


while some will simply display it as

the pre-ta [price] + 8% VAT tax

thumbs up for this : )

Snoopy Halloween pack


i have a question here?

to qualify for tax exemption

does the 10k minimum amount

is inclusive of tax or pre-tax


if my memory doesn’t fail me

and from the example below

I think the amount is inclusive of tax


that’s why i ended up paying

9530 Yen in GU instead of 10k+


i didn’t know GU is

tax-free in the first place

so it just happened that

our shopping exceeded 10k


so it’s save to

calculate your total amount in

tax-inclusive price if you

want to know if qualify for

tax exemption or not

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