Saturday, December 24, 2016

Osaka Shoptripping 03: Rinku Premium Outlets

Rinku is seriously far from the city

yet one stop away from Kansai Airport

which serves its purpose well


thought of dropping by

on the day of departure

instead of making a trip

to and fro the city

but thank goodness decided not to



we started the day at the first store,

GAP at 2 PM

Rinku Premium Outlets


and finished off at 8:20 PM

Rinku Premium Outlets


shops close at 8 PM during weekdays

we were actually shopping in Seiko

behind closed gate

and we met the salesperson

on out way to the subway station

Rinku Premium Outlets


bags bags bags

there is free Wi-Fi and

feel free to Facetime or whatsoever

to communicate with the shopper at the other end

Rinku Premium Outlets



Rinku Premium Outlets


50% + 30% for Coach

technically it’s 65% off storewide

Rinku Premium Outlets


it’s so huge that

i had to start utilizing the floor plan

Rinku Premium Outlets


the store that I am aiming for

Rinku Premium Outlets


too bad

these are available in 38.5 / 40.5

anything in between will do fine you know

asics Gel Lyte III


by 6:30 PM

i offered caretaking service

Rinku Premium Outlets


by 7:30 PM

Rinku Premium Outlets


final 30 minutes at Seiko

Rinku Premium Outlets


and I found my consolation loots next door

Rinku Premium Outlets


my loots at the end of the day

so unlike something you’ll loot from

a Premium Outlet abroad

i happened to need a new umbrella and

i buy Vans almost everywhere I go

the salesperson got me to buy sneaker socks

probably because mine looked ugly

GAP umbrella in navy blueStack'ism sneaker socksVans Surf Up


three of my fellow travel mates

get this of the same design

and i was actually the one who spotted it

saying that it would be great if

the outer rim is black.. make it all black

they kinda agree and they all bought!!

it’s a mad world shopping with

women of a different class/outlook as you

Coach watch

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