Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Safe on 1111 & BlackFri X Until 1212: First Buy from Watsons Online

have been browsing the online stores

of both major phamarcy/cosmed chain

Guardian (a.k.a. Mannings) & Watsons


yet still buying in-store

as I go for walk almost everyday anyway

and I do enjoy the shopping process


was thinking to add a

moisturizing product to

my skin care routine

HADA LABO came into mind, of course

and I bought a sample size hydrating gel

from Guardian last week and

it works perfectly fine


14g wouldn’t last me for long

and it’s about time to go

for a proper can of product soon


so i was browsing on

Guardian / Watsons / and their

official brand online store again

wondering if I should add another

UV protection day cream

into my routine so that

I can avoid sunblock yet

without skipping UV protection


then happened to find that

the hydrating gel is

on 30% sales at Watsons


so i decided to ransack for

my Watsons member card which

i have abandoned for ages

and linked it to the online account

in order to enjoy some member privileges

to found that in fact i have

already activated the online account

long long time ago


frankly speaking

i am more of a Guardian person

when it comes to cosmed shopping

because I found the image of Guardian

being more positive in terms of

selling serious supplements

as compared to the

fanciful cosmetics at Watsons


despite recommendations from

my sister that Watsons gives

awesome free gifts for purchase

i have been shopping at Guardian, still


and today

i have been turned into a

Watsons customer overnight

thanks to the awesome

online shopping experience


the endless list of free gifts

Watsons Online


on top of additional 12% discount

Watsons Online


having added a pack of

contact lenses solution

this appeared in my cart as a gift

and what makes it different

from other gifts is that

it appeared as an item in cart

on top of on the promo list below

Watsons Online


my final bill

Kotex shawl?


it instantly feels like Christmas already

with these gifts which

I look forward to more than

the products I bought

Watsons Online


on top of gifts + discount

their delivery is super consumer friendly

home delivery for purchase above RM 150

Guardian offers the same too, I guess

there’s Click & Collect option for

self in-store collection

Watsons Online


i checked all the four branches near me

and they are all available for this option

Watsons Online


i saw this in my email too

in the morning

the funny thing is

I was not even subscribed to

the e-newsletter from Watsons

sorry Guardian, next time maybe



it’s scary!



and I had just downloaded their app

app is the one killer weapon

which will decide if a customer

is going to return especially

for someone like me who


don’t really download app

unless it’s really necessary

and will immediately delete if

I find it not really helpful


well.. the interface looks

quite okay to me

at the first sight

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