Monday, December 26, 2016

Osaka Shoptripping 05: GU

it’s a nationwide fashion chain store

similar to Uniqlo,

now also available in HK & Taiwan

and soon in South East Asia, i hope

GU Japan


simple piece at affordable price

for the whole family

this is where we finally found

something for my mom and tween niece

GU Japan


i didn’t buy anything for myself

but i am pretty sure

i paid less than 10k yen for

7-8 pieces for my mom, sister and niece


the one we shopped at is in

a neighbourhood mall, AEON

yes!! we went to that extent

to complete our shop tripping

Aeon Japan


here’s another one at Shinsaibashi

and I remembered seeing one at Rinku Town too

GU & Shinsaibashi


tax-free despite this is not

in a tourist shopping spot

for purchase above 10k yen


ahh.. gonna talk more about

tax-free shopping in the next post

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