Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mid-of-Trough X Making Re-Attempts: Augwardness

A summary post on August

written on 1st October

nothing but procrastination


as it was previously mentioned

in the post for July

written 1.5 months ago

Figure Can’t Lie X Yet Perfectly Fine: Crawling Through July


I am going through a

severe economic downturn

since July


things picked up a little

since August as

I made new attempts on

tough (response) coding

and video transcription

which turned out to be

not too bad after all


and kinda savaged

my sales figure for Aug and Sept too


it was so bad that

at the very moment

when i wanted to

open my monthly sales sheet

to take a look at the figure

to realize that


i have not entered the sales figures for

July, Aug, Sept

that would be 1 quarter

isn’t it?

okay will be back in 5 mins


sorry for the interruption

here I am

and during end of Aug

got a pretty huge volume

20k+ words consisting of


a 40-page investment guide

a 15-page association summary


yet half way through

the bigger documents was called off

but thank goodness

with full payment for the work done


weekends are basically

not really hectic

so that i can afford


two weekends of staycations

one in town and another in Singapore

catching up with friend and (ex) bf

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