Thursday, October 6, 2016

aSOS X Damage Done!: Two Pairs, Max!

have been constantly checking

sneakers from ASOS and

and tonight i found myself

suddenly landing at ASOS

thanks to this post by New Holiday

a travel magazine based in HK

ASOS - GBP rate -


so i clicked in

wanting to check if Gel Lyte is on sale

and damn!!


i found so many pairs of

white kicks at huge discount

and some with my size available


top three pairs which get me thinking

as you can see

i have placed Air Max in cart, already!

Nike Fibreglass Air Max Ultra on asosLe Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Woven on asosLacoste Lancelle White Lace Up Plimsoll on asos


Air Max

  • yet to own one for 3.26 next year
  • and it’s all white
  • and it’s 50% off


Le Coq

  • yet to own one
  • Arthur Ashe is a tennis legend
  • it’s their version of Stan Smith, i guess
  • unique woven design



  • comfort wear
  • my pair of slip on is almost worn out
  • but not really that tempting as
  • i can get it at local department store


some other pairs

which have been eliminated

due to size availability etc

but i guess these are good buys too

adidas Originals Triple White Stan Smith on asosVans Nintendo Sk8 Hi on asosPuma Basket White Mid Exotic Croc Texture on asosConverse Jack Purcell white on asos


as the stock will be reserved for 1 hour

i got panic as

my Air Max has been removed

thank goodness managed to re-secure


as i was checking Arthur Ashe

my size is no longer available

except for the pair in my cart

Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Woven on asos


so i got serious

and went to do a final size check

before i proceed to check out

UK 6 = EUR 40 = JP 25


in the mean time

the pair of Arthur Ashe

has been automatically cleared

from my cart after 1 hour

and it’s no longer available

it better be real


so i did a quick check

and found the same pair

under men (i.e. unisex) category

which is like 10 GBP cheaper

Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Woven on asos


damage done!!

spending 80 GBP overnight

which is equivalent to USD 106

but pretty good buy, isn’t it

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