Sunday, September 18, 2016

Birthday Gift X for Mom: Then I Won a Lucky Draw

have been talking about

buying a birthday gift for my mom


yet didn’t find any lovely one

until my dad and i stopped by

the window display of Elle

very simple design and

surprisingly affordable

Elle Bag, The Shore


so we walked in

he was saying that

the medium sized sling bag

in the second row looked fine

Elle Bag, The Shore


this one

Elle Bag, The Shore


my very first time walking in, actually

Elle Bag, The Shore


there was a lucky draw for purchase above RM 200

Elle Bag, The Shore


i begged the person to skip the lucky draw

Elle Bag, The Shore


don’t really mind

this is actually their PWP from last X’Mas

in conjunction with the movie

Dream Big X with Snoopy & Friends: X’mas @ The Shore

Peanuts Movie notebookPeanuts Movie, The Shore


really hoping my mom to use this

as her everyday bag

Elle Christina 3 sling bag

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