Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tree Hut X Wooden Watch: Slowness that Hurts

I ordered this pair of watches

almost 2 months back

during mid August


making use of their

anniversary promo at

30% off and free shipping


but unfortunately

they said i will have to pay

USD 10k for the shipping

Tree Hut Design Cart Checkout 2 - Copy


so i got them delivered

to my besties in Singapore

and in the process

it took some time too


so when it reached me

almost two months later

i have got another two new watches

in the middle, totally unexpected

and best of all

i have broken up with my ex bf


so it doesn’t make sense

to buy a pair of couple watch anymore



they are looking not bad

Tree Hut Design Theo


except the facts that

i no longer need them in a pair and

i have other new watches to

spend time with


thank goodness i didn’t go for

personalized engraving

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