Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cross Province X with Serious Planning: Next Stop✈Canton/Fujian

a couple days after i have

landed back home from Osaka

it’s about time to

plan for our first/last/only

mainland trip of the year


randomly checking AirAsia

and was forced to

download the app

as i can’t even find the icon

to skip this ad

Cross Province X with Serious Planning: Next Stop✈Canton/Fujian


so i did but

the promo code didn’t work

so i got my friend to download

and she did and it worked fine

Cross Province X with Serious Planning: Next Stop✈Canton/Fujian


so i re-downloaded

and finalized two destinations

Hangzhou / Shantou

IMG_0588 - CopyIMG_0620 - Copy


we have been to

Hangzhou during spring 2014

a day trip from Shanghai

and would definitely like to go again


but it seems that late autumn

is not really an ideal season


being 100% tropics

it would be safer to head south instead


have been to Shantou / Chaozhou

last autumn via Shenzhen

and soon after we were back

they launched this direct flight

to Shantou / Chaozhou


we are therefore planning to

land at this airport as

our transit to other cities via

the high speed rail network


so i did the booking on Sunday night

being the first time

i booked via the app

as i have been sticking to desktop


so basically it didn’t take long

Saturday – first check

Sunday – tickets booked

Tuesday – visa application


and for the next few days

we had some serious discussion

on our itinerary as

we booked

with the aim to cross province

yet with no destination in mind


Day 1

transport / city planning

trip planning in progress


Day 2

added details in terms of

time and distance estimation

trip planning in progress


Day 3

tentative plan

trip planning in progress


i think my dad has been

getting a bit too ambitious

for wanting to cover

so many cities


it’s almost like

one night per city

and he even wanted to add

our hometown into the

already packed itinerary


in the mean time

i have been scouting for hotels

so that once the plan is in shape

i can book them all immediately


anyway it’s a short count down

3 weeks down the road

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