Sunday, October 9, 2016

Go Pink X Then Army Green: A Bit Untallied

lost two minor yet essential items

during the previous trip

during the return flight


my water bottle

i think it had drifted far backwards

as it had happened before

to our drinking water


but it doesn’t matter as

i am planning to replace it anyway

the problem is to

replace it with the same design


the second item being

my toiletry bag

due to exceeding amount of

hand carried bags from my

fellow shoppers


i was forced to

check in my backpack

so i took out my toiletry bag

as my sister needed the

contact lens case and solution in there

and place it in some other bag

which doesn’t belong to us two


so after changing it

she didn’t actually return it to me

or the person she took it from

thinking that she did return to me


nothing valuable in there

just some travel size bottles

of skin care and tooth products


thank goodness that

my new pair of spectacles

is not in there


sometimes i do put it

in the toiletry bag too


so the shopping trip of the week

is mainly concentrated to

getting replacements


and i am lucky enough to

find the same design

at the same outlet but different branch

Nike water bottle


i really dislike the

new design with the super huge logo


it’s funny how

i can get water bottle at

half the price of any volume

but still i have been

sticking to Nike


and i don’t know why is it so

the whole mall is filled with special promotion

in collaboration with my telco provider

which i am in the middle of

thinking to ditch

Digi special promotion


so i got two pairs of shorts for my pa

and a pair of Duramo Slide in shocking pink

adidas Duramo Slide pink


i know it’s always on  50% off

yet always out of stock on the official site

so i decided to just get it in store


shocking pink doesn’t really surprise myself

as my previous pair is a pair of neon pink

which had served me well

for the past two years

Havaianas neon pink


wanted to re-order from Mysale

but the sale was closed before i did

and Ipanema doesn’t look and

feel as good these days

so i decided to just go for Duramo

instead of flip flops


on another occasion

was out with my mom

she wanted to buy this long skirt


not my kind of thing

but it was kinda cheap

and i don’t mind getting one

for a change


and i grabbed along this tank top

which reads Happy Friday

to go along with the skirt

my happy Friday outfit


and i ended up buying both

plus the one for my mom

my happy Friday outfit

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