Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Final Quarter X Getting Smoother: Fight! October

25th Oct

i guess it’s best to

compile the monthly wrap-up now

instead of procrastinating on and on

and i will be away for one week

starting on 30th


for the past few months

the keyword “trough”

has been appearing over and over


the dark cloud remained to linger

during the first half of October

and seriously it got me kinda worried


not even hitting the minimum salary

when half of the month was over


and thank goodness it started to pick up

towards the second half

it’s kinda true that

bad/good things will come together


it feels good to be back on track

juggling a few deadlines at once


however in the middle of the hectic week

something unfortunate happened

lost a quotation of 500 USD

despite having offered

the best rate ever


and the next minute

the client was sending mass email

scouting for better deal

and i was in the mailing list too


that kind of insecurity

is beyond description

when the next minute

you’re being fired


despite being able to secure

other projects from that particular firm

the chance of securing large volume of

open-ended responses from the Chinese Market

is probably getting much slimmer


okay let’s move on

anyway speaking of China

got my very first payment

denoted in RMB


it’s an urgent task for a

university course mate in Shanghai

she was most probably

busy preparing for her wedding


oh dear, the pre-wedding shoot

done at Saipan was really amazing


so she got me to help out with

translating some slides

for an international school education fair

and everything from

quotation, delivery, payment

was done via WeChat



welcome to the

era of mobile payment


that’s all for now

and besides chasing deadlines


have finished 15 episodes of

75 minute series within a week

and about to finish another

series of 25 episodes



work + series

is seriously the best way to

get yourself out of relationshit


26th Oct

progress of the day by 8:30PM

and the night is still young

Screen Shot 10-26-16 at 08.30 PM

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