Saturday, October 1, 2016

Earning Down X Spending Up: Imbalanced September

The fact that September has recorded

the lowest sales figure ever

since 2016 came no surprise


that is after borrowing

a pending 300+ invoice

completed on 31 Aug

since we were expecting

some amendment to come


and it is kinda pressurizing

as i was leaving for a trip on 23rd

assuming that that would be

the closing date for the month

it felt kinda stressed up


as the date got closer and

the sales figure never seemed to hit

but eventually it did

right before i left

feeling slightly at ease


during the trip

didn’t really work hard

until the very last night

which is a good thing as

i was exhausted from the

day and night shopping

and our internet was kinda poor


i was standing on the street

12 / 2 AM utilizing public free Wi-Fi

to download / upload my 600 kb file


another reason

why it was kinda pressurizing is

spending was shockingly a lot

over the month as


my parents were celebrating their birthdays

and i got my dad a huge present

which is equivalent to

my one month income

and a proper handbag for my mom


then i got myself a new pair of specs

which is like the most expensive ever

as an investment


and other minor spending such as

getting an air purifier for the family

a birthday gift for my 10 year old niece

a farewell gift for my 20 year old nephew

leaving for studies at Warsaw


then of course i need

another sum of money

in preparation for the trip


as i browsed through my spending

(excluding travel, shopping)

it is shockingly building up

exceeding the figure i made in a year

as a junior executive back then


and the fact that another

failed relationship is brewing

kinda alert me to

earn more and save up for

a stand-alone retirement plan

all by myself



i shall always remind myself

of how lucky i am

being able to

make a living from

what i enjoy doing at

where i enjoy working

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