Sunday, October 30, 2016

Deadline Rushing X Then Blogging: From China, Happy Halloween :p

touched down safely in the afternoon

40 minutes ahead of schedule

Happy Halloween


before coming

was figuring out on how to access

Google, Gmail, FB, IG, Youtube

and some solutions suggested were

VPN, email forwarding

and portable Wi-fi device


was thinking about portable Wi-Fi

but missed the chance

because i didn’t book in time


despite being a well-planned trip

and booked the other 3

in 3 different cities for the next 7 days


i actually didn’t book

accommodation for tonight

thinking to go free and easy

and you probably can’t go wrong

being in the middle of a city


this is the first time

that we walked into hotel

without pre-booking and research

and not too bad for RMB 100

Yunhe Hotel Chaozhou


had early dinner and walked in the market

market in Chaozhou


and i had a 6k word deadline to meet

there came the problem

the Wi-Fi wasn’t working


it’s the same in the lobby

and the receptionists were being frank

saying that it’s quite unstable

at the same time there was call

from guest room complaining

about the same issue


having issue with Wi-Fi

has always following me

from Seoul to Osaka

and today!


well so I turned on roaming

and that solved everything


while i was working

got Gmail app notification

wait you mean the Big Brother

had actually unblocked Gmail for good?


not really

the ultimate solution

forget about VPN and

Wi-Fi device (with limited data quota)


roam unlimited for 36 MYR a day

and at the same time

gaining access to all the blocked site

killing many birds with one stone, isn’t that


Thank you, my saviour!

p.s. this is not a sponsored post

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