Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smurf 2 X happy meal: Least Satisfaction, Ever

Smurf 2 X Happy MealSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Clumsy SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Greedy SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Papa SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - SmurfetteSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Jokey SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Handy SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Party Planner SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Baker SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Hefty SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Brainy SmurfSmurf 2 X Happy Meal - VexySmurf 2 X Happy Meal - Hackus


it’s bad

(i) I only discovered they are in town on 24th,

which is almost like half way through

the running of the collection


(ii) launch of characters on a 3-days basis

you gonna be kidding me

too difficult to collect them all I guess


(iii) therefore,

I decided to take out the previous batch I got

from Smurf 1 collection two years back

and check which ever characters who are not in

I gonna stock them up, and that’s about it


(iv) but I don’t know

what’s wrong with that branch or

it’s my luck, maybe

everything is messed up

doesn’t go according to the launching schedule


(v) so I was thinking

since I was already queuing up for some time

I just bought whatever was offered to me

except Hackus and Vexy

very determined not to touch them


(vi)  ended up in the middle of nowhere

those that I wanted are not in

those that I didn’t plan to collect

I got them instead


should I just go on?

I hate the feeling of hanging in the middle

all or nothing,

that’s always my motto in toy collection


and I really want Handy

because he is the only one

wearing the pair of blue dungarees 


4 missing one

Jokey, Clumsy, Greedy, Handy


the former being those I thought I didn’t want

in the first place

since they are already in my Smurf 1 collection

so even when I was given the choice

I didn’t take them

but now I started to regret


Greedy and Handy

being the one that I really want

but did not manage to get


mixture of regret and disappointment entangled

and another big sigh goes to the

deteriorating quality of the toys

as you could see

Smurfette looks perfectly grotesque

and traces of uneven paints could be easily found

on every single toy figures

bad painting


Hefty being my favourite so far

my previous Hefty was lost somewhere

not with the rest of the gang

should be able to dig him out some other time

Hefty Smurf


I didn’t know he exists

a party planner

his function is the most innovated among all

blow him like a whistle through the hat

and the sound will come out from his mini horn

mind-blowing…. literally

Party Planner Smurf


I didn’t want them

but since I couldn’t get what I want

I went on a random purchase

Papa SmurfBrainy SmurfBaker SmurfSmurfette


wanted badly!!

Handy and Greedy


wanted for the sake of completion

Clumsy and Jokey


should I still go on?

3 more days before they are being withdrawn


Smurf 1 collection 2011

McDonald’s X The Smurfs: Landing on Earth

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