Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stephelle’s Kitchen: SPAYcial Treats

have been trying out this recipe of

SPAY: sweet potato-apple-yogurt as

dinner substitute for

a lean tummy


not that I have a round tummy

I just wanna see

how far can it goes

and start buying all the high rise jeans I want


ok it tastes alright

not too bad

and sweet potato is so filling

can last me the whole night without

any additional munch


but started to think if I can work around

with the ingredients


it feels miserable to munch apple as dinner

on a Friday or Saturday night


and too much of boiled sweet potato

as it is makes me feel bloated


# 1

mashed sweet potato x apple salad

with yogurt as the dressing


# 2

this is not a curry potato, seriously

gosh I am craving for curry already

sweet potato apple soup

mixture of yellow and orange sweet potato

there goes the colour

somehow the sweetness from the apple

got absorbed in the soup

and there was this funny contrast

super duper sweet soup x sour apple

sweet potato apple dessert



adding yogurt to sweet potato is great

because it kinda balance out the sweetness

but of course the soup has to be chilled before

adding in the yogurt

because heat will actually kill

whatever live culture in your yogurt

I think I gonna go crazy soon

just like the curry potato upstairs

eating this while imagining I am having some

heavenly creamy coconut milk dessert

sweet potato yogurt dessert


what’s next?

well as long as it’s edible stuff

I will not give up trying

not to say that the above attempts are failures

there is room of improvement to go 

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