Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kidults X Babies: Half-day Deddies

hey you two

Shawn Yue X Eddie Peng 02


when you gonna have 1/2 dozen of babies

boys in polo tee and New Balance

Shawn Yue X Baby 01Shawn Yue X Baby 02Shawn Yue X Baby 03Shawn Yue X Baby 05Shawn Yue X Baby 04Eddie Peng X BabyEddie Peng X Baby 02Eddie Peng X Baby 03Eddie Peng X Baby 04Eddie Peng X Baby 05Eddie Peng X Baby 06



he has this WHITE tees

both in black and white

Eddie Peng X Baby 07Shawn Yue X Eddie Peng 02

and green colour too

(fan edited photo from Instagram)

Eddie Peng - Green White Tee

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