Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunday Slow X Sunny Glow: Some Summers Ago

the upcoming trip

still in brainstorming stage

lolz… my proposals were downright rejected

by Ms. Manager


eg: flight to Ho Chi Minh city then train to KunMing

and it can go on.. Shangri-La, Li Jiang etc


and suddenly got tagged at those photos she took

that’s part and parcel of trips:

missing the good old times while

planning ahead, still looking quite bleak 



Phuket Old Town on a Sunday morning

Walking Around X Heritage Found: Phuket Old Town



must emphasize that these are candid shots

I was/am/going to be a bad bad poser



I was trying to remember where was

this photo actually taken



alright found my version!!

why didn’t I zoom in, I wonder


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