Thursday, September 12, 2013

C Allstar X Chinese Tune: New Album, Soon?

for sure

I listen to less and lesser Cantopop these days

but will still dig up C AllStar’s songs


unexplainably good

just like a good old cup of black coffee

I am not a coffee drinker, by the way


but that’s how I adore the boys

let it be ballad, R&B, acapella, upbeat

or some niche Chinese tune as below

the 4 individual voices fit in

effortlessly and gapless-ly

such comfie


and isn’t it so uncommon

especially in term of Asian pop market

boyband which doesn’t sell look and style

just plain solid music and

mesmerizing live singing

which could be nostalgic at times 

or talk you out of discrimination in another


老調兒 / C Allstar


大同 (We will live as one) / C Allstar


音樂殖民地 / C Allstar


她吉他 / C AllStar (feat. Sim C)

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