Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spongebob X Patrick: Watching 蘭陵王 (If)


dedicated to my Manager who

watched that drama too

much to my surprise


yet another surprise

I watched all the way till 8am

overtaking her, who was initially 9 episodes ahead


and we were talking none stop

about that GTB

also known as Green Tea Bitch

who is annoying from head to toe



Spongebob and Patrick - Dark Circles


discussing about the green tea bitch

Spongebob and Patrick - Drinking Tea


Prince Andre is so cute

Spongebob and Patrick - congratulating


Daniel Chan to the rescue Spongebob and Patrick - RunningSpongebob and Patrick - Cheering

but he went back empty-handed again

no.. with some injuries, physical or psych

Spongebob and Patrick - Shocked


no matter how hard he fought

Spongebob and Patrick - fighting


he eventually got poisoned by the

evil rat-face

Spongebob and Patrick - Shocked


yeah family finally reunion

the tiny wooden horse crafted by the dad is so cute

Spongebob and Patrick - Baby and Parents


finally finale… after 45 episodes of suspense

Spongebob and Patrick - Suspense

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