Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tribal-ill X Pending Bill: Keep-In-View

since I have done my closing yesterday

I can’t  buy anything till 1st Jan


I thought I own everything

while doing closing

but after a round of marketing survey

I think I am still craving for

native/tribal/ethnic print


Tribal pants

which is kinda comfortable

for backpacking trip

and the skinny fit reduces

the “pajama-ness” of the pants

tribal pantsP1220071


tank top is probably the next item

I am going to invade at men’s department

the loose fitting is so comfortable

and can be worn with cute sport bra or bikini top

gosh, I am in vacation mood 24/7

tribal print tank top


so so comfortable

wait another week

and I am coming down to grab you

tribal print mini dress



first attempt in a peplum

peplum dress


I can’t be buying all of the above

during 1st Jan

so which one?

probably the dress

but I kind like the pants

and tank top is something more wearable on daily basis



special guest of the day

when was the last time we met up in trio

must be at least one year ago

p.s. the items were not mine,

just helping to hold


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