Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RioPanema X FatCheezza: Dear Santa

Dear Santa,


I know it’s kinda late to write to you right now

but I still have not heard from anyone

who is willing to buy me the X’mas gift

I found a couple of days ago


I think this is kinda awesome

thought of asking my dad

but it’s kinda embarrassing to ask

your dad for something like this

at the age of  17+++

The Flinstones mobile bed


by the way

I have learnt my lesson

should have done my closing during

Nov or even Oct

because Dec is such a dangerous month

to commit more crime


two days ago

Tribal-ill X Pending Bill: Keep-In-View

I thought I wanna buy some tribal prints

during 1st Jan 2013


now I have changed my mind

because I discovered something better

right next door

gosh, 50% off for three all-white designs

should I or shouldn’t I?



by the way

I just bought this a couple of days ago

so should I still grab the NB?

Fila slip on


but this pair was really a good buy

because it’s indeed a pair of

back-to-school shoes for students

back-to-school sales


nevermind leave the white shoes alone

but indeed

I have been wearing sneakers to work

even during press conference



what I am trying to say is

white sneakers can make

a good pair of working shoes as well

therefore it is a good investment


so should I still buy the New Balance?


but before that

I committed something quite accidentally

was so glad that I only bought one and only pair of

flip flops which I am wearing at home right now

so this is the second pair

Rio iPanema


the Rio logo in blue really attracted me

despite being teased that

this kind of pink is not really my kind of thing

anyway.. iPanema is something

which is so durable and comfortable

what’s more.. it’s a Rio edition


one last thing

both of us wanted the jackets

one struggled with the size

another struggled with her exhausted budget



and I just bought that reversible jacket

earlier this month

Compatible X Irresistible: IR-Reversible 

Viva Diva reversible jacket


and the truth is..

two of the jackets above

the fuchsia pink and the denim jackets

added up, equal to 

the price of my reversible jacket

if you were me,

would you buy two different designs

or just get one reversible one


irreversible truth is

I already bought this one


maybe it is better for me

to just forget about the denim jacket

for the time being


I really can’t make up my mind

this is driving me crazy

I have too many keep-in-view items for 2013

  • New Balance white canvas
  • tribal print dress and (or) pants
  • The Flintstones mobile bed
  • the denim jacket



I also saw a really nice Nike tote bag

with tribal print as well


instead of asking all five items from you

Papa Santa

why don’t you just give me some cool hot cash

then it solves everything

every little things I am asking for


by the way

we had a pleasant night

getting fat with the super cheesy pizza

with six tempura prawns 

half of it was in my tummy right now

cheesy pizza with tempura prawn


and my dad made us

some great sandwiches in the morning

which also contained some kiwi slices

one week back home

I can already feel the fat

spreading fast, all over

already half bitten sandwich


last but not least

if there is one thing I wish for

I wish I would be doing the same thing

as I am doing right now

next year this time


best wishes


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