Monday, December 24, 2012

Curtain Call 2012: Looks of the Months

Jan, 2012



Feb, 2012

beginning of a new semester

blue x grey


Mac, 2012

beginning of a new semester


Apr, 2012

pre-UK shoppingfirst ever blazer


May, 2012


varsity x navygreenwich


June, 2012


florette dress


florette dress

ended up buying both

florette dresses


July, 2012

I wish I can train my dad to take better photos

so that I don’t have to camwhore inside temples

summer vacationvintage tank top M&M


Aug, 2012

preppy goes on



Sep, 2012

sheer shirt x bandage skirtFriday lookcheck preppy


Oct, 2012

yet another Friday


Nov, 2012


GMO presentation


chambray x skinny x flops


Dec, 2012

at work

all-black working days, indeed

post work

snoopy nerd tee

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