Friday, May 4, 2018

April’s Peril

First half of April was a bit

torturous, mentally


as i was working on

this huge batch of reports

across countries

which has started

since mid March


it’s like I have to

reserve the best 5 hours

for this particular project

and that’s the max

totally drained out after that


that was when

i was totally incapable

of doing anything else

including normal TEXT conversation

not to mention phone/in-person

those were gone long time ago


i didn’t know how to reply to

text messages

not even the PR way


then i tried to re-pace myself

to squeeze in some bed-time reading

and a self-talk blog post

on top of series watching

and at the same time

tried to sleep as early as possible


then the month went on smoothly

until the final week of April

at Bangkok


which was still pretty manageable

since it was Labour Day holiday

didn’t really stay up late

slept early and woke up early instead


a huge project was waiting

one that requires a lot of concentration

so i ditched the ideas of

working in airport and onboard

but to catch some sleep and even a movie

and chill before the tough night


and spent one whole night and day

to get it done

upon touching down

how to get rid of post-vacation blue

that fast


and by the way

of course they say another quick way

is to plan the next travel

as soon as you are done with this



i actually booked my tickets

for summer

right before departing for Bangkok


so the truth is

i have to work really really hard

to get my wallet loaded

before this trip which is expected to

burn quite some dough


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