Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018/05/15: ASOS-PayPal, GBP/USD?

when i last shopped at ASOS

i realized that the final price

charged to my PayPal was actually

higher than the price displayed on ASOS

Never Ending X Christmas Shopping: HU HU HU


but i didn’t really probe further

since the damage had been done


and this time round

omg yeah i broke my promise to shop

well as you can see

it has been almost 6 months

since i last checked out from ASOS


and in the past 5.5 month

i haven’t really bought much

like literally nothing at all

no apparel and sneaker at all


except 3 bags,

which are like necessities

no i didn’t blog about them

not because it’s a cheat


because i am confident enough that

my loots will be so so little

by the end of this six month ban

so i can just compile them all

in a single post


until yesterday

my fellow shopper told me about

20% storewide at ASOS

i seriously wasn’t aware

until she told me


so i opened and

checked out three

plain tee shirts

i have KIV-ed


nothing fanciful

these are essential alight

ASOS 20% off everything


well i am used to having USD

as my base currency

since i am quite used to it

and more importantly

GBP actually gives me

a false impression that

everything is dirt cheap

ASOS 20% off everything


then to my surprise

it’s actually cheaper

to check out using GBP

okay that makes sense as

GBP is their home currency


if my default currency is USD

then i would have paid 56.22 USD

after taking 20% off



if i set GBP as default currency

then i’ll check out in GBP

but to be converted into USD

by PayPal, instead of ASOS


the total amount is 50.41 USD

instead of 56.22 USD



i am actually hoping that

they take their own sweet time

to ship my item

like i don’t mind if

it reaches after June


so that i wouldn’t be considered as

breaking my shopping embargo yet

not until i wear the clothes

which is probably after July


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