Monday, May 14, 2018

2018/05/14: P20 Pro, Finally

on a scale of 1-10,

to what extent are you satisfied

with your current phone?



i am perfectly satisfied with

my 9 month old Huawei P10 Plus that

i can’t wait to get my hand

on a P20 Pro


so i have been following

related update from

rumor, launch, review

and most importantly,

the price


the retail price at 3299 MYR

kinda fits my expectation


and soon it’s all over major

online shopping platforms

looks like it wasn’t price war

that they are fighting this time round

Huawei P20 Pro


but more about the gifts offered

one of the retailers even offered

a premium gift package where

you top up another 59 MYR or so

to get a JBL earphone etc..


well i don’t really care that much

about the gifts really and

i don’t really care about twilight color

as all i want is an all black

which i will eventually cover up

with another all black silicone cover


but more concerned about the price

because i set a price ceiling of

3000 MYR for myself


also, to prevent myself from

ditching my poor P10 Plus

so so soon


and i am planning to hand it down

to my 12 year old niece

after she finishes her exams

in September


then it came to a point that

my dad’s phone is spoilt

so he needs a replacement phone

real soon


my initial plan was to

get him a P20 which is

roughly the same price

as iPhone 7 which i first had in mind

as he isn’t an Android user


so that we get to go around

with a pair of matching

P20 and P20 Plus

after i get mine


but he rejected it and said

he is okay with using my P10 Plus

and i should probably get

my niece a new phone instead


so it’s set

my purchase timeline has been cut short

from September to immediate purchase


then his phone seemed okay again

so it wans’t that urgent still

but i readjusted my timeline to

getting one before my Tokyo trip in July

or as soon as his phone dies

which ever happens first


and two days ago

i booked flight tickets to Yunnan

in June during Ramadhan holiday


i.e. instead of July

i will get our phones replaced

before our trip in mid June


and this afternoon

was discussing with my sister

she is the one in our family

who really needs a phone badly


but i can’t see why

she isn’t buying one

Note 5, lagging like hell

and by the way

she has the strongest

financial supports too


so i casually opened

11 Street to check the price of

Samsung S9

almost the same as P20 Pro


and i so happened to see

an electric appliance retailer

is giving away store discount coupon

up to 250 MYR

11 Street Bonus Coupon


and they happened to be

selling the phone

at 3299 MYR

with the standard gift package

Huawei P20 Pro


which is rare because

as far as i know

their retail price for mobile phone

is usually higher


but not in this case because

this is the recommended retail price

in the first place since day 1


so what am i waiting for

Huawei P20 Pro


so i immediately ordered one

and here you go

everything done within

10 minutes or so



i did see the actual phone in-store

at least twice

and it looks gorgeous


so it’s just a matter of time of

when to get one

it’s a balance between

price and urgency



as the longer i wait

the cheaper it is



as soon as my dad phone dies

before a major trip


so i would say

it’s all about the timing

right time, right price


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