Saturday, March 26, 2016

HK-Vacay 07: As a non-Foodie, I actually Really Enjoy the Hotel Breakfast

food was tough initially

quite an issue as my

nephew refused to enter

the typical local eatery

“char chan teng” for HK cuisine

average spending is like

50 – 100 HKD per pax

fried rice, with dishesporridge with salted egg and crabwantan soup, and assorted fishballplain white rich with chicken, i have to emphasize on plain whitedishes: fried choy sum, fried mini fish, marinated ribporridge with fishpolo bun with butter



i had to accompany him for a

take-away or dine-in at Mcdonald’s

roar!!! Mcdonald's all the way

and came back to realize that

my sis ordered a curry rice for me

of all things, curry rice at HK

chicken curry rice


a quiet dinner back in the hotel room

is always welcomed anywhere in the world

nissin yat ding noodle and misc


anyway the hotel breakfast at

Ibis North Point is not too bad

in spite of the lack of varieties

but i am absolutely find with it

HKD 80 per pax

ours came free with the hotel room

hotel breakfast at Ibis Hotel, North Point HKhotel breakfast at Ibis Hotel, North Point HKhotel breakfast at Ibis Hotel, North Point HK


not to mention

you can take your own sweet time for

a quiet, slow breakfast with ample space

if you know how busy and squeezy

it can get in a small eatery outside

and more importantly

the little brat enjoyed it here, indeed

breakfast at Ibis Hotel, North Point, HK

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