Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lombok X HK: Next Stop ✈ Taipei

yesterday roughly the same time

so i saw this ad in the paper

yup print ad still works in my case

and i will tell you why

Taipei AirAsia advertisement


well given headlines which are

so damn demotivating every single day

i still read the newspapers

mostly for the adverts and entertainment

as well as the lifestyle / misc. supplement


i.e. browsing through ads

is actually a form of escapism from

the other not so pleasant real mess of

politician, pollution &

landing-on-deaf-ears petition


and i started telling my dad

about the artifacts being featured in

National Museum Palace, Taipei

the cabbage, the meat, the walnut boat


and we got serious about making the trip

went in to take a look

Taipei AirAsia


yup since the ad was selling about 369/way

it can’t go any lower than that right

so it was decided within 30 mins

off we are going to Taipei early Summer

in conjunction with Vesak Day


Vesak is celebrated in Taiwan on

8th April in Lunar calendar instead of

15th April in Lunar calendar


so we are actually going to

celebrate two Vesak days back-to-back

flying in time for 15th April


it was never that fast and that furious

discussed, decided and booked

within an hour


alright after i got the itinerary

i sent it to my boy as usual and

he was like my mom is in Taipei


alright it actually didn’t cross my mind

the potentially most deadly creature on earth

in my case is actually residing in Taipei


fingers crossed

we are not meeting each other

by any chance, right?

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