Friday, March 4, 2016

Dad’s Mad X I Feel Bad: Just a Lil’ Late

okay i went out at 8:30 PM

for a dinner date with a

girl friend my family knows

and has hosted for dinner


so we were done by 10 PM

but we still felt we have loads more

to catch up and talk about


decided to stop by

somewhere 3 minute from my house


and at 10:09 PM

i did tell my mom

i am here so gonna hang around a bit more


she texted me at 10:49 PM

asking if I am coming back anytime soon


i didn’t reply

and i was preparing to go back by 12 AM

that should be fine right


then my dad called me up at 11:37 PM

saying that it is 12 AM

and why it took me so long to come back


before i even finished answering

he hung up on me

wtf is wrong with him


so i knew he was mad

and we paid the bill and got home

and was home 3 minutes later


saw my dad was there

yet he turned his back and

left before he met me in the face

just like a sort of protest


wtf this is damn childish

i went out at 8:30 PM

not that i am out all day all night


i called to report my whereabout

not that i am running wild


somehow feel like screaming

have been a decent girl all my life

even that little bit of trust is missing


i used to hate going out with friends

during night since this is the case

and i was really embarrassed

plus coming back to face disaster


i can’t believe after all these years

years after i have been staying outside

this is still happening


hey i vow to marry myself far far away

serve them right that i have found one

really really far away


they wouldn’t have to worry so much

about me anymore

isn’t that real good?


i know i sound childish this way

but i am really disappointed by

the way how they treat me

especially my dad


they saw the girl picking me up

they know her for like 10 years?

they know i don’t like hanging out too much

they know i am a decent girl

or maybe not?


and i have told him

if my parents are against our relationship

yeah just elope and

that’s what i gonna do for real


私奔到月球 / 陳綺貞 五月天

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