Friday, March 25, 2016

HK-Vacay 05: Due to the Weather, Stranded at Citygate Outlets 東薈城名店倉

i swear it wasn’t intentional

taking the train all the way to Tung Chung

our initial plan was to head to Lantau to see

Tian Tan Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery


then, here again

well well well i can explain

Ngong Ping cable car was closed for maintenanceIMG_3956


and the weather looked gloomy

about to rain anytime soon

and upon a negotiation with my tour members

we wouldn’t want to take the risk

if the journey via road was winding

if it was really cold up there or even raining


so we ended up in the outlet mall instead

well well well

Levi's Outlet Store, Citygate Outlets, HK


i did not know how i found this

but the fact is i did find one

a down jacket with slanted zipped

by adidas Originals which is known as

Peddle Bike

adidas Originals Peddle Bike down jacket



adidas Originals L.A. Trainer 84 kids hoodies

too bad it wasn’t my size

someone else got better luck this time round

adidas Originals L.A. Trainer 84 kids hoodies


loot(s) of the day

50% off at 550 HKD

an additional 10% off for 3 and above items

i was already wearing it on the way back

since my mom borrowed mine


and these days is so difficult to

find such a simple piece

the three stripes are not really visible

so is the tiny trefoil logo printed at the pocket

yet it is not as boring as any other down jacket

given the slanted zip and some other details

adidas Originals Peddle Bike down jacket


by the way, at K-SWISS

K-Swiss Outlet, Citygate Outlets, HK


found the plain white i have been looking for

but 699 HKD is slightly exceeding my budget

so nevermind, next time then

and that two simplest pairs are the

most expensive of them all

K-Swiss all white sneakers


these day

simplicity is a real treasure

by the way the supermarket, Taste is

really not bad, if you would like some candies and snacks

Taste Supermarket, HK

international or local, alike

Taste Supermarket, HK


food for thought

it could be quite tiring if

your shopping partners are aged

10 and/or below

Gimme a Break kind of face



Esprit man flannel shirt in baby blue

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