Friday, March 25, 2016

HK-Vacay 04: Due to the Rain, Stranded at Toy R’US

given such weather

it wasn’t a surprise that soon

it started drizzling

Central - TST Star Ferry


so i suggested that we could

head over to the really huge Toy R’Us

at Harbour City upon landing at TST


but being with the kids was

so totally different from traveling solo

Toy R’Us was a heaven to me


firstly, i was keeping an eye on them real close

that i didn’t even check out my own stuff

Toy R'Us Harbour City


secondly, they would started to

demand for unreasonable things and

got upset such such a Hot Wheel set


and i was blamed for the wrong suggestion

well it was drizzling out there

i couldn’t think of a better alternative


hehe i already own one of these back home

i didn’t really check out the other stuffs

Tomica Snoopy


loot(s) of the day, not mine!

Lego City set


and of all things he gave up

and decided to build a toothbrush

Lego City set


and also put some in the fridge

the poor dog must have caught a cold

Lego City set


yes this was equally problematic

as the sister would have checked over and over

if her transport card is still around

Peppa Pig kid wallet with lanyard

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