Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Seen Many X Bought Mine After All: Denim Overall

Sunday has always been reserved for

my mom for grocery and/or casual shopping

but first I needed a Mamak fix

Dhosai with Chutney


during the previous Pixar campaign

it was so difficult to collect stamps

Tesco X Kung Fu Panda 3


now that i easily got enough stamps

i don’t even feel like getting one

and my mom was like probably just get

one of those figurines

yet they were all out of stock

Tesco X Kung Fu Panda 3


wow that looks great

and at the price of 49 MYR

Padini P&CO denim overall


the local label, Padini has been

down-pricing to the

mass affordable fast fashion

prices are way cheaper than previous time

well it’s understandable

given the global competitors

like Uniqlo, H&M and even Zara

have been sliding the market shares


not too bad right

and it costs barely 70 MYR

top + bottom

Padini P&CO denim overall


i am a happy person

let’s go home and start working

yeah!!! on a Sunday

anyway i found myself having

more motivation to work usually

after a shopping trip



i worked four hours straight

on a Sunday afternoon

without losing any focus!

and another two hours on a

Sunday night

Snickers X Mr. Bean

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