Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dashing into X Soberlicious: F/Wishes

Peanuts - School is Coming


slept at 2 plus on a Sunday night

thank goodness managed to

climb out of bed at 6:20 a.m.

for my morning stretching

it felt so good to sweat early in the morning

followed by a warm shower 


9 a.m. class on a Monday isn’t that great

but the lecture(r) is alright

five theories of creativity 


one of the theories goes like this:


addiction to substances contributes to creativity and

may even cause creativity in some people


Eddiction you mean!!

and my mind loitered further and further

back into “The Sound of Silence”

nay..  I wasn’t thinking of Eddie’s muscles, was I? 


this is officially the 2nd week of lesson

I didn’t attend any of the classes in week 1

what was I doing then?

final summer feast


I think this is by far

the not-so-strategic timetable ever

stretching from 9 am Monday to 1 pm Saturday


shortest weekend

longest gap in between weekdays 

but probably that’s the only way

they could push us to work harder in between


given a long weekend

progress is always bad

files that was last saved on Thursday night

will remain as it is

when I wanna resume work on Monday

no.. Monday is a blue day, not a good start

Tuesday morning I mean


Fall/Winter resolutions:

get the works done on time,

1 week before submission


stick to the tiny mini workout at 6am and/or 5pm

at least for a month or so

fitting in the high waist denim shorts effortlessly

with gap to tuck in top

awwwh… what a sight

just like how Cinderella fitted in her perfect heels 


Things which are out of my control,

i , nevertheless wish will turn out fine:

group mates that give so much headache

whoever you are, better stay good

because this is the final strike okay


I seriously hate spending my Saturday night

wondering if my dearest groupies

is having a great weekend out there while

I am finishing up

the huge chunk of the group works for them


last semester

I got this dumb-ass who did not do anything at all

that’s fine that’s fine with us

yet caused 5 marks deduction off the presentation

because he just refused to present

not even the introduction


the killing part is

the lecturer had sent us the final scores

which I thought was quite alright still

not much harm has been done

and subsequently another email weeks after

informing that she forgot to deduct the 5 marks


up till today that kid didn’t know of this deduction

because the lecturer didn’t have his contact

and he was probably still proud of

the marks he managed to free ride from us


blah… it makes me sick

to speak of these people

but sometimes I just couldn’t bear it

and blogged a whole post about it


I seriously hope I don’t have to do this

for the 3 months to come

just 3 months, alright 


last but not least,

speaking of the reward

plan winter trips which will ultimately work 


burnt travel plans hurt

either make it happen or

do not be bothered to plan at all

at an affordable budget, of course

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