Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sudden Arrival X Without Signal: Betrayal!

Saw a lovely white top

on a marketing survey outing


the sale promo was kinda tricky

annoying! in fact

it is like you have to buy a specific amount

to entitled for some cash voucher


therefore thought of

combining bill with my besties

since she was eyeing another item too

but she couldn't really make up her mind


and I was hoping to walk around

who knows could have found

a cheaper alternative too


moreover my membership expired

so the purchase was delayed

and we was hoping to get help

from her cousin with the card

for a better bargain


So I was telling her

alright if you have made up your mind one fine day and

could obtain the card

just go ahead and buy the top for me

even if I am not in town

Yeah I said it twice


almost two weeks passed

and I was mentioning a new sale promo

I saw at the store

thinking that:

Hey we could buy what we aim for

after all


Then I was like suddenly feeling

such a pang of disappointment

when she told me

she already got her backpack

with the help of her cousin


Fuck my word

which worth nothing to my friend at all

or maybe she could at least

drop me a text to confirm

If I still want my blouse



is it so difficult to build trust?


not to mention years of friendship

I have brought her along

during member exclusive sales

or helped her to obtain stuffs which she wanted

when I used to own the card


Shut up bitch

You don't have a card now

and that's a fact

never rely on favors from others


If you want something

Do it on your own self

that's what Snoopy has been saying

even a dog knows that

why can't you understand

such a simple fact


Not being so mad about the top

it can be obtained anytime anywhere else

but why was my word taken for granted

and she jus went ahead without me


Adios lovely Sunseeker top

when I went down again

It was already gone

Good bye

Roxy Sun Seeker plain white top


I kept telling myself

it’s childish to get mad over

a petty little thing like that

it’s too childish, stop it please



best of both world, huh?

lost the petty discount

lost the top I have been looking for

on top of all

lost 100% faith in what I thought

an unsinkable friendship

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