Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swift Speed X Win Neat: History Shall Repeat

two years back: 2011.08.11

it was the 15th of July in Chinese Lunar calendar

which it is believed that the peak of

ghost roaming around

they do.. throughout the month, in fact


our last night at Phuket

and there was a live telecast on TV

World Badminton Championship Man Final

Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei


today: 2013.08.13

Lin Dan (world ranking #286) vs

Lee Chong Wei (World ranking #1)


I know I got this shitty luck

who ever I support will never win the coveted award

but Lin Dan is an exception

he never fail me throughout the years


two weeks back was watching the mock-up

he was playing against a rookie

someone just popped up from the youth category

wasn’t in the best condition

kinda worried, in the first place


but of course,

he has picked up the pace

and if he has made it this far

of course he is going to win it

all or nothing



Keep Calm and win the trophy, Danny Boy



No!! Lees Misérables

Try harder next time!!



I even “screencaptured” the TV back then

being a bit jumpy the TV

because it’s illegal reception of the

private satellite channel from neighbouring country

p.s. the one I used to intern for 

the signal was kinda badbut it's alright.. we perfectly recognize which side to supportthe whole world could not stop him from winning, not even the world #1 who has been there for agestwo years back, the tee wasn't sleeveless yet :/thank-you to the crowdwoohoo!! can't help but cheering alone with the crowd


oh man


he is getting hotter and hotter with the tan

World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan 01World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan 02World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan 03


it never occur to me

but oh my

in this photo he actually looks like Shawn Yue

World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan 04


and soon a style icon too, perhaps?

his wife Fang Fang is kinda cute too

always that casual and humble

she is once-upon-too-long-ago a world champion too

Lin Dan & Xie Xin Fang 



I tagged some awful label to this post

# China #TV

couldn’t find anything suitable

probably should just add on a new one

#Lin Dan




he did it again

5-times winner

World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan in Final 02



he was wearing this during the first game

I was telling Mag Mag

no it doesn’t feel right

he should be wearing his fire red

and both sides were white

then she replied this is first time she heard me

“approving” someone of wearing red

World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan in Final 01



he was insisting on wearing this icon tee huh

okay he took off the sweaty red shirt in celebration

then someone handed him the official track jacket

probably he didn’t feel right wearing that one

he actually asked that guy to

take off this black one on his body

and there he went wearing it

World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan in Final 04


haha I found out about the shirt

front: the tattooed arm holding a racket

back: the quote “Fight Until the End of the world

        without slightest hesitation”

Lin Dan Li Ning Black Tee 03Lin Dan Li Ning Black Tee 01Lin Dan Li Ning Black Tee 02



his wife, Fang Fang was the match commenter

glad that I have chosen the channel where

the commenters actually stand on the same side

but she was as cool as a cucumber

analyzing the match


there was this funny moment

2nd game, Lee Chong Wei with one winning card

and Lin Dan was leading with 16-14

or something like that

and the commenter actually said that:

I think Lee Chong Wei has already

kinda gives up the game

Then Fang Fang replied:

yeah, and I think Lin Dan could sense his giving up


that was kinda unexpected of

before this kissing scene took place

while the screen showing Lin Dan walking towards them

the commenter was speaking on air:

I think I better make my way for him

so there was a 3 sec dead air

when this scene was showing 

World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan in Final 08


way to go, way to go

so much maturity from two years back

another world championship title

another Olympic medal

and a lovely wife

World Badminton Championship 2013 - Lin Dan in Final 07

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