Sunday, July 4, 2010

Once Upon A Summer Saturday Pt I

reporting the Saturday morning of an OL

mopped the whole house

watch Timeless Live in HK over and over again

took some photos around


reporting the growth progress of my hair

it’s doing good

grow babe grow


ain’t no sunshine when she is gone

since my hair is short

i hardly got any confident

to stand in front of the mirror

especially in flora print


today is a blissful morning




it takes loads of courage

to dress up flora again

but i vow i will never go out in flora

till my hair is properly grown


blue is still my colour

Khalil Fong wannabe

that’s me


latest fav

i call it the sailor-T

      broken wing               

the high waist denim

which is my yardstick

to measure the fat around the waist

been wearing it almost everyweek


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