Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain


finally i am blogging about book

in the very very first place

i thought this blog is gonna be

quite related to book and reading


obviously some other topics are prioritized


ok finally i finish reading this

after two months

i know it is a little long

you should congratulate me already

who will read a 19th century book

on school vacation

especially on summer


i got this book on 29.06.2009

at Banglore Airport

because i really don’t know

what to do with the meagre Rupees

i was left with

got three books

can estimate the thickness from the shadow ya


since May i was reading it at Igloo

the progress was really miserable

since after i returned to work

i forgot where i stopped

and had to re-read those paragraph

which i had already gone through


and during those weekdays afternoons

that the customer flow were almost zero

i was dozing off

using the book as cover-up

at Igloo


twice my colleagues asked

how come the book costs so much

and another one predicted that i couldn’t finish the book

till the day i stop working there

ultimately she is quite right

since i quitted the job earlier



June, since i landed on the clerical job

after facing figures, bills, excel sheets for

the whole afternoon

i was too tired to read the book

so it was abandoned


till i met Yi Hing on

he revealed his reading list for the month

and we started to talk about this book

and i was all serious to finish it by July

so i succeeded

there’s will there’s way

especially there is such a huge motivation



short stories

the great thing about it that

you don’t have to clung on the storyline

for months

getting sick of the characters

trying hard to recall

what was the last thing that happened


the stories written by Twain

made up of various genres

adventure, sci-fi, travelling, and even mystery


there are quite a few imaginative one like

Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven

how on earth(heaven) could he imagine

the way heaven is in great details


and The Mysterious Stranger

an angel named Satan

who twisted the fates of people

but he does not know right from wrong

so the consequences turned out to be

worse than the predestined one


we always find animals’ conversation

as a cute scene in movies

animals’ monologues and dialogues

appeared in his stories too


The Horse’s Tale,

A Dog’s Tale

both will leave animal-lovers with

tearful eyes


there are some sarcastic pieces too

like those about The McWilliamses

anecdotes about a sensible husband

and his nervy wife

the humorous incidents over and over again

drove him nuts


there is a thoughtful piece about

moral and love

a dying mom vs a miserable sweet girl…

in between there are

two strict great aunts who never

tell lies in their life before

in Was It Heaven? Or Hell?

ok after Mark Twain

next up i have The Bleak House

in the house

but don’t think i will be 

reading it diligently


can’t wait for his books

autographed one

till i meet him at HK

oh my prince

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