Friday, March 31, 2017

Accessing Gmail in China, Not Again

As a person who has always been

bumped into issues with

internet access

no matter where I go


accessing my Gmail

in mainland China

is something i need to

have 100% assurance of


some I decide to

ditch Outlook for QQ

have tried QQ once


but can’t really remember

why did i give up



I am having difficulties

accessing my Outlook (web version)

both on mobile and PC

Screen Shot 03-31-17 at 10.15 PM


so i decided to forward

my mail to QQ Mail instead


i can’t seem to

log in to my old QQ account right now

so i created a new one

and hey now it came with

proper name instead of 

[9 digits]


have done all i can

to make sure that

if either one of them fail

I still have another alternative


by making sure that

I am able to access my Gmail

via mobile on the go and

via PC so that I can work

Mobile App
(Accessing Gmail)
QQ Mail
Mobile Mobile site
(Mail forwarding)
Pop folder
QQ Mail

PC Mail forwarding
Pop folder
Pop folder
QQ Mail
QQ Mail (not working)


have spent the last 30 minutes

sending emails across

my Gmail, QQ and Hotmail

with the same username (luckily)


to make sure that

I am able to

receive as well as

preferably send mail under

my Gmail identity



of course everything is okay right now

will never know how’s the actual result is

until i touch down in China

another 12 hours later


till then

i am finally

taking some time off

after rushing through deadlines

one after another over the week


worst comes to worst

I can always turn on my

mobile data to roam

to climb over the

Great Fire Wall

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