Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It’s Not Easy X Being An Aunt Like Me: Don’t Think They’ll Ever See

a weekday can be

easily turned

into a shopping day



breakfast + shopping

with the women



walk + shopping

with the boys


ended up spending like 400 today

for grocery shopping twice and

some clothes for the kids


like for real??

money has really shrunken


wanted to buy the kid this pair

this is an archive photo

now it has been marked down by 50%

and that kid actually refused to try

because he can’t wait to

go for grocery shopping

Puma X Sesame Street: Oscar the Grouch


they actually launched the adult’s collection




i really wish I have an aunty like myself

who take us for a walk, and usually

end up buying stuffs for us

ended buying cereal to avoid junk food


who also make it a point

whenever she is out of town

gosh haven't seen it for ages though


who leave her iPad and phone and

ended up having her 5 year old

Smurf Village reset to zero

and the iPad smells fishy

gets heavy falls from time to time

and goodness knows why

the battery is charging real slow

my favourite denim case was completed torn


who buy us gifts for birthday, X’mas,

not really good exam results

That was some choo choo train


who take us out for dinner

without even ordering

proper good food

got scolded for there wasn't any fries in my BK take-away next door


who look out for sneakers, bags etc etc

and end up buying for us

all of us in the family now

owns a proper set of

sneakers, sandals,

adidas Duramo for three :)


and slips on

that lovely yet scary pair of favourite slips on featuring Adventure Time


who led a family trip and end up

at the same Disneyland twice with us

That newly bought Doraemon coin bank at HKIA


who buy us books

and read us bed time stories

although she knows that

it will not quite work

bought that huge set of Big Books from flea market


things usually

got scattered/destroyed pretty fast

that's a usual scene


who properly die unmarried and

leave behind some junkies

probably not of any use

but can fetch some price

sold to a seller at flea market

in a big bulk

Mario & Bro & Pet

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