Sunday, March 19, 2017

From H.C.M. City X to Changi: But First, Off to Silverland Jolie

booked some flight tickets

in the afternoon after i got

the first task of the day done


then I blogged about it

in the evening after i got

the second task of the day done


and randomly booked a hotel

after midnight after

i finally got the third and

toughest task of the day

done done done


were supposed to

discuss about our hotel to HCM

half way doing my work

and can’t really participate


until the Purple Unicorn

finalized it and

there came me to the rescue

for booking and payment


this is the first time

clicked in the link via Whatsapp


landed in the web version

and was awarded

with a 10% app coupon

Agoda 10% app coupon


best of all don’t have to type in

just  select it from the promo tab

and without much restrictions such as

maximum discount, limited booking period

Agoda 10% app coupon



IMG_3645 - Copy


if you have decided not to proceed

and restarted with another booking

no problem

the coupon is still available

Agoda 10% app coupon


while checking out the hotel

there came another problem

i kept thinking that our trip

will be in early May

i even told the Purple Unicorn that

thank goodness the date doesn’t clash

Li Rong Hao An Ideal Life World Tour Concert Singapore



in fact it does!!!!

we will be touching down late!!!!

so there’s no way I can make it!!!!



that isn’t too bad right?

and thank goodness Singapore Expo

is one station away from Changi

H.C.M to Sg via Traveloka


even before I know about the clash

when i first saw the concert

and started making plan

i was thinking to

stay overnight at Changi

after the concert



now it makes even more sense


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