Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cashflow Crisis X Shopping in Risk: Poverty is a Bliss

So let’s continue on

Poverty X There Came More Injuries: February


wrapped February up

as a very poor person indeed


as March kicked start

spent another bill on grocery

and i was left with

less than 100 MYR in my account


then on the same day

i came across Gel Lyte and Tubular

Gel Lyte X Tubular: What ’Bout the Quota


i can’t even make up my mind

as I didn’t even have enough

to pay for these


next day

decided to proceed to check out

but only a pair of Gel Lyte

via my dad’s card


and swiped another two bills

at Aeon on lingerie and

shoes for my mom


as i was calculating

how much i am supposed to

pay my dad for these 3 bills


gosh how scary

despite being critically poor

i am owing my dad 650 MYR

for these shopping done

over the weekend


then i am finally

pumping in some money

so that i can clear off these debts


to find out that

a client of mine

had actually banked in

a sum of 600 + USD

on Feb 28



so i wasn’t that poor after all

have been living for the past week

thinking that I was really poor


thank goodness!!

or i would have checked out

both pairs of sneakers

if i knew that

i actually have more than enough

to do so


since i was paying with my dad’s

he would have found out

how much i have spent

on these sneakers


and it didn’t feel quite right

to be taking a loan to

pay for two pair of

“premium” (discounted) sneakers


come on

that price!!

Gel Lyte Screen Shot 03-05-17 at 05.30 PM

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