Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not Just a Feeling X a Good Good Month: Marvelous March

March, 30 – 11:06 PM


Less than 48 hours before our flight

just got my hotel booked

don’t ask me about the rest

such as packing up and

what else is there to do?


I still have 3 pending deadlines

no, 4 in facts by end of tomorrow

and i am supposed to wake up

by 5 AM tomorrow

as the first deadline is due at 10


and they actually consist of

various forms from

overlay, link checking, coding

and of course, translation


and a couples of invoices

to be sent out by end of tomorrow

as well as leave notice


hehehe since

my first flight booking with Ctrip


wait i started off this post

wanting to blog about my

hotel booking with Ctrip


but somehow

it is turning into a

monthly job review post



but i am not suppose to

write this until i get these

work submitted by tomorrow


till then

good night

as tomorrow is going to

be another long long day to go


and guess what

i may be hitting the

highest sales jackpot again


the recorded was last written

on April 2016

that kinda got me worried

as I will be away for the

first 1/3 of April


let’s do this together

just the three of us

me, myself and I



in case i didn’t have time

to come back for another post

that’s it

this will be the monthly review

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