Monday, March 13, 2017

To Book or Not To X Finally Some Clue: Travel Blue II

To Book or Not To X Not a Single Clue: Travel Blue

two days ago

on a Friday night

then on Saturday

i suddenly found the solution


if train doesn’t work

we can consider about flight


we will touch down mid-night

and there’s actually a morning flight

which flies in daily to Wudang Shan


which makes it quite perfect

we just spend a couple of hours

at the airport and

we are ready to fly straight to

Wudang Shan in the morning


there are actually two flights

which fly in and out on daily basis

unfortunately the first week of April

is actually a peak season as

it’s the Ching Ming Holiday



the price ticket is 200 RMB

more expensive than normal days

and not only all


as there’s only

one ticket left at that price

and the next tier of air fare 

is another 200+ RMB more

which makes it 560 RMB per pax

to fly in to Wudang Shan



it’s the same case with the return ticket



i calculated the whole cost

and it’s almost same as

the price i paid to

fly in to Wuhan



and i am not sure if it’s

worth it because peak season

actually means a bigger crowd


decided to spend a few nights

at Wuhan before

flying to Wudang Shan

at a non-peak price



at least

it sounds more feasible now



that hotel promo code

at CNY30 is a compulsory item

which gives you CNY50

for any room above CNY500 per night

you gonna be kidding me

in other word

it’s a booking fees in disguise

and they make you buy it

for every flight / every person




can’t you avoid it

by booking directly from

the airline itself?


the answer is

no you can’t because..

they design their website

in such a way that

there’s no way you can

book this flight on the website


you will never find Shiyan / Wudangshan

from the destination list

China Southern Airlines BugChina Southern Airlines Bug 02

China Southern Airlines Bug 02



don’t ever try

Google flight or Skyscanner

for local flights between cities in China

(although it’s now owned by CTrip)

as the price will give a fright of your life


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