Sunday, March 19, 2017

Excuses, Excuses! X Ray of Sunshine: To or Not to Buy?

was looking at purses on Radley

because I have this

mini sling bag from Peanuts

which is so so mini that

my current long zip around wallet

can’t actually fit in there



so i visited the Radley website

have always taken interest

in their wallet but

was hesitating to get one


as i don’t always have money anyway

it’s not justifiable of why should I

buy a leather wallet for myself


and when i am out for travel

i prefer using cheap wallet

which doesn’t look good

and even if … wood touching

i lost it in the process

it wouldn’t make me

feel so bad


as I had the experience of

losing a 10 year old pouch in

a not really busy transport hub

within minutes


so i found this one

it’s called “Excuses, Excuses!”

hahahahaha an excuse is the best way

to justify for your shopping ,isn’t it

Radley Excuses, Excuse!Radley Excuses, Excuse! 2


and another one, called Whitfield

with a plainer design

Radley Whitfield Medium Zip Purse


then i came across this series called

“Little of Sunshine” which looked really cute


but too bad

the purse in this series doesn’t

come in the zip around design

Radley Little Ray of SunShine Travel Card HolderRadley Little Ray of SunShine Passport CoverRadley Little Ray of SunShine Medium Zip Purse 1


i prefer because I like

everything to be in one place

and i think it’s quite difficult

to look for $ as

the compartment is quite deep

and there are too many card slots

i literally only have and use one card?

which is the most basic card ever

Radley Little Ray of SunnShine Medium Zip Purse


but hey

since the $ compartment is deep

nobody would ever notice

how poor you are

that’s a plus point, isn’t it


as i was looking for a photo

of the mini sling bag

i found this

hey wait….



the dimension is H9 X W18

the average dimension of

a medium purse from Radley

is H9 X W14

so that solved my concern

if a Radley purse is

still too big to fit in


and they are actually

offering extra 10% off sales items



would have proceed to

check out immediately if


i am given this design

Radley Little Ray of SunShine Midnight blue

in this format

Radley Excuses, Excuse! 3


but hey

actually this design is

not that bad too right

“The Radley Made Me Do It”

“Excuses! Excuses!”

Radley Excuses, Excuse! 4


“The sling bag made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”


“The sale made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”


“The additional 10% off made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”


“The free shipping made me do it”

“Excuses! Excuses!”



just realize that

we are 2/3 through March

and I have spent quite a bit

a pair of Gel Lyte and

almost 1,000 MYR at Aeon

mostly on Wacoals for

myself and my mom


and yesterday alone

had booked

a flight for two to Wudangshan

as well as hotel at HCM City


and the concert tickets of

Li Yong Ho is opened for sale

starting next Tuesday

and i need a ticket to

fly in to Singapore

should i successfully

grab the concert ticket


and my sis is talking about

a family trip to  XXXXX

in the summer


and it’s funny how

i never hesitate to buy

Fossil, Lacoste wallets for

people around me


while I hesitate so much to buy

myself a proper wallet

that’s the Charlie Brown’s mentality

Charlie Brown Happy Mentality

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