Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Working X While Travelling: Not Kidding

i wouldn’t want to blog about Wuhan

right now although I do have

quite a lot to blog about


let’s talk about work then

what a workaholic I have become

yeah you have no idea how

i have been transformed

into one


have been waking up at 4 AM

like automatically awake

for the past two days

to work and continue on after

the sightseeing part of the day

has ended in the evening


in fact

i just finished work

and would like to talk about

how to get yourself working

while you are travelling

or during a holiday or vacation


find your own perks of

working while working

during your holiday



i enjoy looking at

the totally different sights

from my usual workplace


six something in the morning

and there were some people

having a squabble downstairs

The under-renovation bus terminal, Jin Jia Tun


eat something new

or the usual favorite

and head for grocery shopping

as often as you like

drink up drink up!!!


this is a must-try

date flavored yogurt

there’s a sweet fragrant

which can’t really be described

totally different from your usual

very berry flavours

Date flavoured yogurt from Mengniu


turn the TV on

i enjoy working with the TV on

although I never ever do it

while working during usual days


working while travelling

actually allows me to avoid

the issue of post-vacation symptoms

because I have been working anyway


and it feels nice to

be needed and useful

even if you are away


it means problem

isn’t it

if nobody is bothered to

bother you during your holiday


last but not least

i feel good about

still having the energy to

blog after a long day

at work + sightseeing


just like what i do

back home


good night

super hungry now!!!!!


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