Friday, October 23, 2015

It’s a Transition X Instead of a Destination: Vacay Reflection

got home by 10 a.m.

from the airport

after a long shower


thought I will have time to

roll around in the good old bed

which I didn’t get to do so


as tasks started to come

one is on an urgent basis

which I did all the way until late evening


and continued on with the less urgent one

which is not that less-urgent anyway

as I promise to deliver by tomorrow morning

so decided to complete it at one go


it feels good to start work at 10 am

on a post-vacation workday

and went all the way until past mid-night


basically it feels good to know that

you are still wanted and needed


and while working

have “accidentally” been engaged to

book for the spring trip of 2016


I have been thinking a lot during the trip

what are the purposes of travelling



to experience how the other live in

a completely different environment?



to get away from the mundane life

so that you can come back and start afresh



to simple spend time with the person(s)

you travel with…



to train yourself to adapt and adopt

no matter where and how you travel



to get away from home

just to come back feeling

how much you love it here



to accumulate ideas

and continue to write more

despite being not really good at it


or perhaps other skills

such as photography, observation and

even your bargaining skill

which I guess I will never learn



to spend money like flowing water

so that you will come back

a more hard-working person



to insert a puzzle piece

onto your bigger roadmap



to walk and get exposed

under the sun



to pump in some courage

the more places you travel

the more things you have attempted

the more courage you have

just to go on to try more



to explore your inner-feelings

yet to attain the above level


I probably should make a travel checklist

to see if the different aspects

have been achieved and

in what ways are they being achieved

through each and every trip


no matter what it is..

the journey goes on

to expect the unexpected


my eyes hurt badly

yet my mind refuses to

signal my body to go to bed


and the story-telling shall go on tomorrow

about the old City of Chao Zhou

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