Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hot Choc X Victorian? Cakes: Eat at 18 Café

café hopping isn’t really my kind of things

simply because


1st, an anti-socialist doesn’t have

that much friends to hang out anyway


2nd, being caffeine intolerant

always ended up ordering tea (from teabags)

or honey lemonade / iced lemon tea

which doesn’t make much difference anywhere


3rd, my very own house is vintage enough

can be blasting vinyl record all day all night

if you want to..


4th, I am really really non-expert

when it comes to food

as long as it doesn’t taste bad

it’s good enough for me


therefore the frequency is like

quarterly perhaps?

when there’s someone to meet


but I found an urge to blog about this

because it’s kinda good

among the flourishing café business


after all

in such a small place

competition must be kinda tough


of talks, cakes and hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate @ Eat at 18, MelakaCookies Skillet @ Eat at 18, MelakaVictoria Sponge Splendor, Cookies Skillet @ Eat at 18, Melaka


okay I didn’t even get to find out

what’s the name of the café is

obviously.. old folks like us

don’t really do real-time check-in

we just walked in

after some walking around


I started googling actually by typing in

the name of their competitor opposite

which was particularly (more) eye-catching


thank goodness

they have a pretty neat

website and Facebook page

indispensible tools these days

for a café business?


and found the 3 items I ordered


yup they live up to what’s being captured

in words and photos 


yeah I would say it’s above average

what you eat is what you pay for

Eat at 18 at Melaka - Drink Menu 01Eat at 18 at Melaka - Dessert Menu 02Eat at 18 at Melaka - Dessert Menu


would definitely come back.. I guess

the Nutella crunch right above looks good

but too bad..

on top of being caffeine intolerant

I suffers from nuts allergy too


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