Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunday’s Nap X Target Met: It’s a Wrap

since I last posted at

3am on a Saturday morning

felt that I have gone a long way

Work-High X More Deadlines: Hyper Night


as how I concluded the post

yeah I didn’t go back to sleep but

stayed up to work until 6:30 am


the 3 hours were

exceptionally effective

probably because the content is

something I am quite familiar with

consumers response after watching an ad


I can’t help thinking about

my advertising lecturer back then

he was such a great one

despite being a little harsh


both my parents were awake by then

and asked if I need

a cup of hot chocolate for

breakfast? supper?


no it’s okay

and woke up at 10 am

that was earlier than expected

went out of the house

sweeping the backyard and

mopping the kitchen


I don’t know

somehow I just felt like doing so

some house-chores to

warm myself up

because I know pretty well that

once I get back to the computer

I will be too lazy to


so there went my Saturday

got back to work by 11 am

all the until 3pm

submitted two tasks



knocked off and

fell back asleep at 5pm

all the way until 7


that’s just bad timing

isn’t it


back to the common routine

TV time with family after dinner

we were watching Voice of China


by midnight

I was left with 3 untouched tasks

pretty challenging one I would say 

it was such a difficult time to

get myself started with a new task

on a Saturday night


yet I forced myself to

the work was pretty messy

I would say

but once you get yourself started

you will soon fall into the mood


headed back to sleep by 1am

wanted to look for some

places of interest for blogging

yet my eyes and arms were pretty killing



woke up at 10am

no work until 4pm

after a decent nap from 11am – 3pm


I am just that kind of person

who can fall for a nap anytime

even if I just wake up

not too long ago


2 hours of work after the nap

was sufficient to at least

get rid of the inertia to move on


followed up

dinner – TV – dropped by the mall – TV

and got back to work after

everyone went to bed


I think that’s pretty much the

should I say fringe benefit of a freelancer

the flexibility to break your work schedule up

into the most productive slots of the day

the progress has been good so far


by the way

Freelancing in America 2015 Report

by Edelman Berland is out


“nearly 54 million Americans

are now doing freelance work”


that’s not really that surprising

but a certain paragraph

exactly captured what

I have been thinking all these while


“Without employer-sponsored benefits,

freelancers need help affording

health care and saving for retirement.

They suffer anxiety and isolation due to

unpredictable income.

They have a virtual lack of recourse

against wage theft.

They lack a sound social safety net.”


so I am not that lonely after all

freelancers around suffer the same


what’s ahead for the week

will be occupied for

the first half of the week

with the current two major tasks


both involved legal

yet in totally different industries

and of very different nature

one is half done, hooray


I must be the lucky few

who are actually interested in law

yet not that competent enough to

take up law profession


but still able to continue to

pursue my interest in law

and get paid for it

isn’t that kind awesome


the same goes to

advertising, economy, marketing etc

who cares about retirement healthcare

from a full-time job then…

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