Thursday, October 8, 2015

Voice of China X Finale Night: Fixed Winner? I Think He’s Just Fine

this is actually my first season of

watching Voice of China

from head to toe


the winner, Zhang Lei 張磊

on Facebook

at least from some posts I saw

some were really think

he doesn’t deserve it

and speculation whether

this is a “fixed” winner


including my dad who left half way

when his favourite girl QueenT

didn’t get as much votes as Zhang Lei

but still she is the runner-up


but that’s a pretty common case isn’t it

conspiracy theory..



everyone who makes it to

the top 5 are undeniable good in

their own ways



if you would have followed the show

it was pretty obvious

he will be winning, isn’t it


as he has been wildly popular

especially with the media votes

leading votes by big percentage

during the semi-final


as for myself

I don’t really have a really personal favourite

right from the beginning

despite having some not-so-favourites

everyone is just too good


yet I have absolutely no issue with

Zhang Lei as the winner

perhaps his performance is relatively flat



at least the kind of songs he sings

are something I will loop on earphones

for some times to come


these days

winning a reality show

will not make one go popular overnight


looking forward to

his own songs

or even better a complete album

if he ever goes that far


some of the best performances

I think

were during the duet-session

during the internal battles


including his

which really sends shiver and

really felt cold after listening to this


Che Zhan / Zhang Lei + Zhu Qiang / Voice of China

車站 / 張磊 + 朱強 / 中國好聲音


I guess that his voice really has

this ability to spark

a certain temperature


whether it is really warm or cold

a bit sad, lonely

but every single word is just so clear


even if he looks rather emotion-less

all the time

that’s his real charm


and Voice of China

does not only in terms of the vocal but

he is well-positioned as


just the quiet guy next door

(this one here owns a Zippo store)

who enjoys singing his own song

with his guitar

having dreams

but not something big


plain and simple but pretty real and

has lots and lots of stories underneath

(he drifted from East side of China

to the West at the age of 21 and

settled there for that special someone)


it’s a temperament / sentiment of

the generation of “old folks” like us


and the choice of songs

the something-we-all-share-in-common

travel / away from home /

coming a long long way


I guess that pretty much explain

why he is killing them all

without much gimmick



“old folks” are just too tired

to get excited over spectacular performance


in one of the semi-final

the guest mentor compared his voice to

some pure cotton shirt

yeah.. warm and practical


you can’t be wearing

cropped top and sneakers

huge hats and oversized poncho

rocker’s leather jacket

bow tie and suits

all the time


but cotton shirt.. yeah

rain or shine


speaking of that

his looks through out the entire shows

sticking to one single colour scheme

which happened to my fav too

張磊 - 南山南張磊 - 車站張磊 - 虎口脫險張磊 - 思念誰張磊 - 夢一場張磊 - 異鄉人張磊 - 旅行


and if you realize

his selection of songs

not those we are really familiar with

or perhaps hearing it for the first time

or haven’t heard it since a long time ago


the impact is there..

like he has revived/reintroduced these songs

instead of singing those we are

already familiar with


but yeah you can be singing very well

but the original singer / composer is

sitting right in front of you

it just felt weird or even awkward

even if you can sing a better version


I think I have managed to

convert myself into a fan of Zhang Lei

after this post

already looping the playlist


Nan Shan Nan / Zhang Lei / Voice of China Blind Audtion

南山南 / 張磊 / 中國好聲音


Hu Kou Tuo Xian / Zhang Lei / Voice of China

虎口脫險 / 張磊 / 中國好聲音


Chuan / Zhang Lei / Voice of China

船 / 張磊 / 中國好聲音


Si Nian Shui / Zhang Lei / Voice of China

(寂寞是因為)思念誰 / 張磊 / 中國好聲音


Meng Yi Chang X Nan Shan Nan/

Zhang Lei X Na Ying / Voice of China Finale

夢一場 X 南山南 / 張磊 X 那英 / 中國好聲音


Yi Xiang Ren / Zhang Lei / Voice of China Finale

異鄉人 / 張磊 / 中國好聲音


Lv Xing / Zhang Lei / Voice of China Finale

旅行 / 張磊 / 中國好聲音


I found it on YouTube

he actually has his very own single

alright great

looking forward to more


Xian Nv Shan de Yue Liang / Zhang Lei / First Single

仙女山的月亮 / 張磊



I will still have written this post

if he doesn’t win?

everyone would have told you

winning is not that important

there’s no winner or loser in music


but if he didn’t win in the first place

he wouldn’t have came so far

and gain all the exposure and

the opportunity to present these songs


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  1. Thanks for posting my favourite champion for the Voice of China 2015. Zhang Lei really has the charismatic voice that makes me wanted to listen to his songs again and again. That's the charm of a real talented singer which can bring our thoughts, emotions and imaginations into the songs. I'm really happy that he is the winner for this year competition. Those who criticizes him doesn't know what a true talented singers possesses which he has gifted from God. I will surely look forward to his first debut album...if there is.


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